Welcome to 2019!!!! We hope everyone had a great New Years and is ready to meet 2019 in full force!

This year we will kick things off with a CrossFit 101 class! Every last Saturday of the month, we will have a CrossFit 101 class. This class will not only be a great class to attend for beginners, but also our routined CrossFitter. We will cover basics like the air squat and kipping, but also go over lifting movements. Come check us out! See WOD's list for dates and times!

Events we are attending this year:

January - Granite Games 1/12/19 
February - Fort Bragg Heavy 2/15/19
                - Bonefrog Trident 2/16/19
March - Bataan Death March 3/17/19
           - Spartan Sprint/Super 3/23/19-3/24/19
April - Festivus Games 4/27/19
         - Commando Challenge 4/6/19
May - Beach to Bay 5/18/19
        - Spartan Sprint/Super 5/18/19-5/19/19
June - GoRuck Ramadi T&L 6/14/19-6/15/19
         - Spartan Stadium Sprint 6/22/19
July - still looking  :)
August - Iron Belle last weekend 
September - Spa Girl Tri 9/21/19
October - Ragnar Hill Country - 2nd to last weekend
              - Spartan Beast - last weekend 

November - still looking :)

December - still looking :)

​​​​​Not sure about CrossFit?!?
Why not give us a FREE try? Every 1st Saturday of the month, we offer free workouts at 8am and 9:15am. ​​

Come feel the BITE!

3540 Hwy 16S Suite A , Bandera TX 78003


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