Strength and conditioning camp 2018

Über CrossFit is hosting a summer camp designed for High Schoolers. 
Class sizes will be limited to 25 spots, this will ensure class structure, equipment, and training quality. 
We will have mixed classes, boys and girls, but depending on demand, we will offer a second class.
Our programming will cover lifting, cardio and body weight movements. 

Lifting: bench, deadlift, cleans, front and back squats
Cardio: working on short explosiveness, as well as long endurance
Body Weight: pull ups, push-up, etc

Some may have completed last years summer program at Bandera High School, and know that big lifting numbers will come with consistency and quality. We make sure our athletes are warmed up before, and stretched after their workout. 


1st 3week Block - 6/11-6/29
2nd 3week Block - 7/9-7/27
7am-8:30am (9am-10:30am depending on demand)
$45 for one Block $80 for both Block
Fee is non refundable, but transferable to another athlete
Sign-up date cut-off: 6/1 for 1st block, and 6/25 for 2nd block!!!!

Food Challange

​6 Week Food Challenge starting 5/15/18-6/25/18

Working out is one part, but a much bigger part, is what you eat!

  • Weigh in/out will be conducted by TruBody Biometrix 
    • weight in: 5/15 and 5/16 at 4:30pm
    • weigh out: 6/25 and 6/26 at 4:30pm
    • feel free to check them out:
  • You will receive a food journal, but also have the option to keep an online food journal
  • Using a point system (workouts, yoga, water, sleep, journaling, BMI), we will grant 1st/2nd/3rd prizes to men and women
  • A weekly support food group will meet, share recipes, and talk food
    • ​Monday 5/21, Tuesday 5/29, Wednesday 6/6, Thursday 6/14, Friday 6/22
  • A baseline workout will track progress, 5/14-5/15 and again 6/25-6/26


​​​​​Not sure about CrossFit?!?
Why not give us a FREE try? Every 1st Saturday of the month, we offer free workouts at 8am and 9:15am. ​​

Come feel the BITE!

3540 Hwy 16S Suite A , Bandera TX 78003


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